Mold Remediation (aka mold removal)

Mold Remediation

While mold remediation is another term for mold removal or mold mitigation we also want to give a general description of the process steps that we use so you may be assured that your property and well being is being given the highest of priority at 360MOLD.

The process

As mentioned on the mold removal page each project and each client’s desired outcomes are different. Our attention to the details and our commitment to you are always the same: THE HIGHEST.

Safe, Non-Chemical Products

We utilize a product and process that is unique in central and southern Colorado with products that are chemical-free, non-toxic, all-natural and completely safe for you and your family, employees, tenants, etc. We also follow industry practices and protocols with regard to sealed containment, HEPA air systems, negative air chambers, cleaning, treating and removal of compromised materials. There are a couple of steps that differ from most of our competition and that’s what sets us above the crowd. We do NOT use toxic killer chemicals and toxic killer sealer paints (encapsulates) in your living or working space of your home or business property. THEY DO!! If Safe, chemical-free products are important to you, be sure to find out what products are being used in your home before making your decision. 

Mold Remediation pre-testing and post remediation verification testing (PRV)

Many companies skip the important step of recommending pre-testing which better establishes the state of abnormal mold presence in the suspect area(s) as well as potential cross-contamination beyond the source or suspect areas.

We are among numerous companies across the country but the ONLY central/southern Colorado based company offering our safe, chemical-free, non-toxic, all-natural product and process. Yes, we follow appropriate guidelines and protocols from national environmental associations but our unique approach is in our opinion superior, safer, and more effective about the effects of abnormal mold presence in your property.

Additionally, we offer post-remediation verification (PRV) inspection and testing which is 3rd party validated by an AIHA/MVLAP Accredited environmental laboratory. This places documented assurance in your hands that the mold removal was safely and satisfactorily completed. This is also important for your required moisture & mold disclosures during the sale of your property to document professional and successful mold remediation completion. (360MOLD only reports to you). Many restoration companies do not recommend PRV inspection/testing. Ever wonder why?

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