Mold Inspection

What to expect from a certified mold inspection from 360MOLD

Mold Inspection -  Colorado Springs

A moisture and mold inspection by an experienced, knowledgeable, and certified mold inspector is key to assisting you in determining if you have a mold problem or not. The inspection is also the proper means to identify the need and scope of mold testing that is appropriate for your needs and desired outcome. After gathering as much background and historical information as possible we will complete an inspection that includes the following (as appropriate):

Mold Inspection Steps:

  • Gather appropriate history, complaints, suspicions, health symptoms from all interested parties
  • Visual observation and investigation.
  • mVOC (musty odor) detection.
  • Measuring with infrared, moisture, humidity and air temperature devices.
  • Surface temperature meters.
  • Fiber-optic investigation into accessible, hidden spaces and other means.

These steps in the process help determine the testing recommendations presented to our client.

Mold Inspection Tools:

  • Eyes, nose, knowledge, experience - the most important moisture & mold inspection tools.
  • Infrared scanning imager - view and record high resolution infrared images.
  • Protimeter - moisture meter - non-destructive depth scan and/or direct pin measurement.
  • Hygrometer - humidity, air temperature, dew point device.
  • Borescope - fiber optic imager/camera.
  • On-site Inspection software - record written and visual details in real time.
  • Bio-Pump - Quantitative, Qualitative and mold identification air sample collection.
  • Surface Sample - Bio-tapes, bio-swabs or bulk sample .
  • Digital Camera - reference and documentation images.
  • Independent, AIHA-LAP LLC EMLAP accredited laboratory report.
  • Professional Moisture & Mold Inspection Report - interpret and summarize all findings and offer recommendations.

    *All communication and reports are strictly confidential between 360MOLD and the client, unless otherwise directed.

After your Mold Inspection:

Will customers get results right away?
Standard turnaround from an independent environmental lab is two business days. Same day result are available for an additional fee. Lab report and inspection report are typically delivered on the day of lab report, or the following business day. Urgent client needs are always given priority.

What if you find mold?
Mold is in EVERY home or business. What we strive to determine for our clients is whether there is abnormal mold conditions. If the answer is yes, then preparing a scope and estimate of work would be necessary to return the property to normal conditions.

How long after the inspection before work begins?
Often we discover that mold remediation is simply not necessary or may be described as an optional client clean-up. If professional mold remediation is indicated, an estimate will be delivered to the client and when approved, work can begin in as little as the next day (depending on crew schedule and necessary preparations).

What if you don't find mold?
If we don’t find ABNORMAL mold conditions, we will simply include that in the report.. We will also report potential issues or concerns that will assist the client in preventing future moisture and mold infestations.