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Member-National Association of Moisture Management Professionals
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*present and past memberships


Certification-CMMI-Certified Moisture Management Inspector-Healthy World Environmental (HWE) - March 2006
Certification-CMMIT-Certified Moisture Management Inspector Trainer- (HWE) - March 2006
Certification-CMI-Certified Mold Inspector-Environmental Solutions Association (ESA) - March 2006
Certification-CMP-Certified Moisture Management Professional-National Assoc. Moisture Mgt. Prof. (NAMM) - October 2007
Certification-CMPT-Certified Moisture Management Professional Trainer- (NAMM) - October 2007
Certification-CEMR-Certified Environmental Mold Remediator- (NAMM) - October 2007
Certification- Certified Professional Inspector (InterNACHI) - March 2017
Certification-IRc-Infrared Thermography Inspection Training Course (InterNACHI) - April 2017

Trade Education

Coursework-Certified Mold Inspection and Assessment Course- (ESA) - November 2009
Course Completion-CIE-Certified Indoor Environmentalist-Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) - February 2009
Continuing Education Credits-Overview of the Fungal Kingdom/IAQ related topics (IAQA) - November 2009
Continuing Education Credits-Fungal Data Interpretation-EMLab P&K –Center for Educational Training (CET) - June 2012
Continuing Education Credits-Bacteria: Evaluating Exposure and Health Risks (CET) - September 2012
Continuing Education Credits-Indoor Air Quality Webinar-Mold (CET) - March 2012
Continuing Education Credits- Fungal Aerosol Variability and Data Interpretation (CET) - January 2014
Continuing Education Credits- Strategies for Mold Investigations and Sampling (CET) - January 2014
Continuing Education Credits-Allergens and Allergic Disease (CET) - March 2015
Continuing Education Credits-Mold Health Effects (CET) - March 2015
Continuing Education Credits- Strategies for Mold Investigations and Sampling (CET) - December 2015
Continuing Education Credits-Fungal Data Interpretation (CET) - December 2015
Continuing Education Credits-Methods for Interpreting Indoor Mold Samples (IAQA) - May 2016
Continuing Education Credits-Mold and Health Effects (CET) - November 2016
Continuing Education Credits-Using Airborne Samples to Assess Occupant Exposure Potential (IAQA) - December 2016
Continuing Education Credits-Strategies for Mold Investigation and Sampling (CET) - December 2016
Continuing Education Credits-Fungal Data Interpretation (CET) - December 2016
Continuing Education Credits-How to Perform an Initial Investigation (IAQA) - March 2017
Course Completion-Building Science and Infrared Thermal Imaging - International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) - March 2017

"Mold 101 for Realtors, Property Managers and Contractors"
Presented to various Realtor Associations, Realtor Offices, Property Management Companies, and Contractors
"Mold Inspection and Remediation Trainer"
Teach inspection and mold remediation to ongoing employees, independent contractors performing services for our company

“Got Mold?”
Aurora Association of Realtors-Aurora Outlook
February 2010